Lunes, Pebrero 27, 2012

When My Green Lantern Lit Up the Night Sky

     On February 24, Carlo and I were set to climb Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas as our post-Valentine date. I'm not saying that we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day. He actually surprised me with a romantic lunch at 12am on February 14 (don't get confused - we were on the night shift). Our Mt. Maculot adventure would be our main Valentine celebration and the ultimate test of our relationship, so to speak. Anyway, that's another story coming up on this blog soon. We gladly, and without hesitation, agreed to postpone our climb until Sunday, February 26, to experience lighting a sky lantern on the campus of UP Diliman with his equally adventure-loving sister, Marga.

     The event was Light UP: lighting of sky lanterns, organized by the UP Circle of Entrepreneurs. It was the magnificent finale of the Grandevour Food Bazaar that ran from February 23-24 at the AS parking lot. The actual lighting of sky lanterns was set at 10pm on February 24.

     We planned to go to UP earlier, at around 6pm, to take pictures as we roam around the campus. It was a very lazy Friday (Carlo and I were on paid vacation leave that day), so we didn't get there until 8pm. Missing the glorious sunset at UP was a bitter consequence of our laziness.

     When we got there, the Run Burger Run Challenge was over. Contrary to what we're expecting, there were not too many people at the venue. Luckily, the food bazaar was still on-going. We headed straight to the food booths and checked what's available. Our choice: Shawarma rice. While we were happily eating away our dinner, we were entertained by participants in the Pik-a Pik-up Line Battle who threw cheesy pick-up lines at a pretty girl. Though we had a hard time hearing what they were saying, it was fun seeing them looking clueless and "torpe".

     After heartily consuming our Shawarma rice, we took pictures as we strolled towards the Sunken Garden where the sky lantern event took place. We happily spent our waiting time taking pictures of ourselves and of the passing vehicles. When we got tired of it, we just resorted to people-watching.

     Finally, the moment we've been waiting for came. One of the organizers instructed us to go to the Sunken Garden grandstand to claim our sky lanterns, which cost 70 pesos each. Of course, my choice was a green one. It was red for Carlo and yellow for Marga.

     What came next was magical. Amidst the darkness were burning candles planted on the ground facing the grandstand. The candles were to be used to light the lanterns. When everyone was ready, we  were summoned to the open ground. The three of us had to share a single candle. Marga was the first one to light her lantern. Probably because of too much excitement , she forgot to make a wish. So when it was my turn, both of us said our wishes by heart before letting go of my lantern. The moment we let go, the other participants also cheered and clapped their hands with us. Seeing my lantern fly towards the night sky to join the other lanterns was overwhelming. Lanterns of different colors lit up the night sky. Everybody was cheering and clapping and jumping for joy. It was a magical experience for all of us.  

     What did I wish for? I actually had two wishes. My lantern reached the heavens, so I'm positive that my dreams will come true someday. 

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  1. What came next was magical. Amidst the darkness were burning candles planted on the ground facing the grandstand.

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