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a look back at my 2 years at the Y: friends for keeps

February 16, 2010.

Two years ago.

It was my first day at work and I was late. Definitely not my fault. The HR told me to come in at 6pm on that day to attend my orientation. They forgot to tell me that it was also my first day of training and that I should have been there at 8:30am. Sir Ron (who looks like David Archuleta - sooo cute!) interrupted my sleep with his call to ask why I was absent, but ended up apologizing to me for the miscommunication. After our phone conversation, I got up, took a quick shower, slipped into my favorite pair of jeans and black, long-sleeved shirt, and headed to Eastwood --- full of excitement and pride, and with a smile on my face (when was the last time I felt this good going to work?).

Thankfully, I was able to catch up with the day's training, the get-to-know-each-other day. I remember feeling kinda weird as I entered the conference room. On that day, the most important thing happened...I met my very first friends at work:

Ria  - Reserved, sweet, and smart. These were my first impressions of her. She told us she's from Miriam and that she loves poetry and literature. Later on, I found out she's also into outdoor adventures and indie music. Ria is really intelligent. She taught me a lot about indie films, indie music, mountaineering, and many other cool stuff to do and places to go to. The best place she shared with me --- Mogwai! She's a great writer, too. You may visit her blog at and learn about her cool adventures!

Apple - Outspoken, petite, mataray. At first I wasn't sure if we're gonna hit it off as friends 'coz laging nakataas ang kilay nya. Then I learned that she's already a mom like me, so I felt closer to her instantly. I love her fashion sense - she can be sexy and fierce today and then turn into a rocker chick tomorrow. Apple is definitely a very practical person, smart, funny, sexy, and oozing with confidence. I love her micro dresses and sexy shoes! :)

Pepe - A big guy with a big heart. We all love him dearly. He may look intimidating, but he's really sweet and very thoughtful. He takes care of us like his little sisters. In those days when music players were still allowed, we listened to his playlist: Club / House Music. Pepe is a born leader and a friend to all. If you need some motivation, talk to him. He never fails to lift my spirits up :)  Congrats, Pepe!

So, it was the four of us who became the February 2010 batch of new QAs for the Print Department. Our training days were filled with fun and discovery. We helped each other all throughout, and we passed the training. We were so thrilled after learning that our TL would be Ms. Maren --- the coolest, prettiest, and super bait TL ever!

Wow, how I miss those days when everything was still bright and colorful. Sadly, some good things never last. This time it's painfully true.

Though a bit sad for the battles we lost, I'm still very thankful for the friendships I made here. I learned a lot, the hard way. WE all did.

On my 2nd anniversary, which happened just a few days ago, I wasn't too happy. It was not a time for celebration. After thinking hard about it, those two years could have been better for all of us. Still, I'm thankful for the opportunity, for the new skills I learned, and most especially, for the people who made this journey worthy to treasure as long as I live.

These pictures remind me that, well, there's still a lot of things to be happy about. I love these guys. Some of them we miss so much...

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  1. thanks i so much. and sorry. and have a good blessed wonderful life. i'll always be your friend.