Biyernes, Enero 27, 2012

Save the Little Girl

i wish i could...

play the guitar 
write poems
bake cookies
make my own dress
write a novel
take great pictures
travel the world

and the list goes on and on...

then i stop and think.

too much wishing makes my heart grow weary....

if i could do all those things...

i'd lose that little girl in me who wishes upon the night sky 
with that hopeful smile on her face.

i miss that little girl who only sees the good in people,

who believes in fairies and Santa Claus,

who writes love letters to her mother 
and gives her sweet, butterfly kisses each morning 
and before going to bed each night.

it became clear to me...

i need to look for that little girl whose heart is pure,

who loves unconditionally,

who finds happiness in her mother's hugs 
and her Barbie dolls.

i wish to find that girl still alive and smiling

 i vow to never let her go again

to keep her in my heart as long as i live...

when that time comes, then i'd stop wishing
and start accepting the things i cannot change,
begin appreciating the joy of living
even in the simplest ways

life is the most precious gift

like that little girl,
i just wanna be happy eating my ice cream.

My baby Samantha at 1 yr - soooo cute

Huwebes, Enero 26, 2012

Crossing the Finish Line: Kahit Isang Araw Lang Unity Run 2012

       Lakad... Takbo... Lakad pa ng madami... Konting takbo na lang... malapit na ang Finish Line! (sabay tingala sa taas kung nasaan ang mga photographers at taas ng hintuturo at ngiti ng malaki sa camera). Photo opportunity. Proud lang na nakasama sa mahalagang pagtitipon na ito. Proud na maging kabilang sa mahigit dalawang-daang libong tao sa pitong syudad sa Pilipinas na tumakbo para sa edukasyon ng mga kabataan. 

     On January 22, 2012, we were among the roughly 209,000 Pinoys and supporters from other nations who joined Kahit Isang Araw Lang Unity Run. This fund-raising event was such a huge success, surpassing the Guinness World record bagged by the 2010 Run for Pasig River.

     The proceeds of this fun run will be used to provide computer laboratories to selected schools across the country. Last year's Unity Run made possible the opening of the La Verdad Free College in Caloocan. This institution welcomed 200 scholars --- all enjoying free tuition fees, free books, and free meals.

Milestone: My First Fun Run 

     Our group met at around 4:30 am near One Esplanade at the MOA grounds. By the way, I'd like to extend my sincere gratitude to Ms. Roselyn Beltran for inviting us to join this cause. Carlo, Jojo, and Burn from Team Rae joined forces with me, Lyn, Raffy, and Jaco. Our very special guest was my bf's pretty sister, Marga. Bonding with her and Carlo made this experience extra special :)

     The RUN was indeed FUN. We ran alongside people from all walks of life and age groups - students, teachers, employees, celebrities, senior citizens, and even babies in their stroller (this is for the 3k event where I joined).

     We weren't in it for the prize money or the raffle, except for the ever-so-competitive Jaco :)  Personally, this is a big thing for me as I wanted to start this year right. It's something that's very close to my heart, because I got the chance to take part in this social advocacy alongside Carlo, Marga, and my friends at work.

      A truly humbling experience. It's definitely not my last run.

     Kahit isang araw lang, nagising ng sobrang aga, pinagpawisan, nagutom, napagod ng husto, hiningal, tumawa ng malakas, tumawa kasabay ng lahat, lumakad, tumakbo, tumawid sa finish line... Hindi pa nga isang buong araw, ilang oras lang. Ilang oras lang ang inalay mo, pero kahit papaano ay nakatulong ka na sa pagsagip sa kinabukasan ng mga kabataan sa pamamagitan ng edukasyon.

Before the run - with Lyn, Jojo, Jaco, Carlo, and Raffy
With my pretty sis, Marga


Miyerkules, Enero 25, 2012

I Keep on Dreaming....

Boho Love

I love everything Boho. If I could afford it, I'll buy all things Boho:  clothes, shoes, bags, accessories...the works! My heart aches each time I'm in a boutique full of lovely boho dresses and shoes... if only I could have them all :(

I love my hair. It's long and brown and wavy and messy - definitely fit for a Boho chic (hmmm... not so convincing...).

If I'm ever gonna be up for it, I'll definitely have a Boho wedding... and he knows it.  I'll wear that flowing white dress and have little white flowers in my hair... like a white fairy princess walking barefoot in a mystical garden on her wedding day....

Eco Love

I love eco-friendly stuff. My pens are cheap but with every purchase, I get to help a bit in saving our environment.

The cover of my first ever scrapbook is made from banana fiber. I just hope it won't get eaten by ants or cockroaches. That would just be traumatic, like insects eating away your happy memories. Definitely a no-no.

I don't believe in buying recycled stuff that are expensive. It just doesn't make sense. But if they were painstakingly made by inmates or women from impoverished communities, then I'll buy some for my friends.

One day, I'll find the time and the means to contribute more towards this advocacy. There's a lot of work to do.

Papemelroti is love

I love Papemelroti! If I have the money, I'll buy at least one of all the items they're selling.

Maybe I'll put up a Papemelroti store someday (!!!)

For four years now, I've been carrying my Papemelroti datebook in my bag. For me, it's the best "planner" in the whole wide world because it fits inside my small bag. It's fine with me because I'm the type of person who finds it hard to stick to my plans (definitely not proud of this). That is why I bought my first real planner this year. To be honest, I also love my Slate 2012 Planner :)

My dream house would have that Papemelroti-feel to it. It would be made of wood with white, wooden fence around it. There would be wicker and swing chairs in the front porch and hardwood flooring and all sorts of wooden furniture inside and out. Colorful paintings will line its walls. My house would even smell like wood and paper, in a good way. Of course, you'll find hanging plants and flowers everywhere. I strongly believe I'd finally have that inner peace and contentment on the day I stand in my front yard looking admiringly at my small cottage house. How I long for that day to finally arrive....

Love to accessorize

I love dangling earrings and bracelets. I love accessories made of beads and wood.

I never take off this string of tiny, black beads wrapped around my right wrist even if I'm in the shower or submerged in seawater. I just feel incomplete without it.

It's a sin to lose what we call our "engagement bracelet". It's that Rasta bracelet you see me wearing everyday.

I'm known for my black, wooden, peace-sign earrings. I'm proud of this one which I  bought from the Reading Room in Cubao Expo. There's something about that place that makes me feel like I'm in a different dimension or timezone... strange and fascinating at the same time.

Bag Me

I love sling bags! I hate to bring a lot of things that can't fit inside my bag.

Even if I have my backpack with me, I still can't leave the house without my little bag where I keep all the little things that I need: money, cellphone, pens, kikay kit, my little notebook, my Papemelroti datebook, facial tissue, keys, and whatever else I can cram inside.

My boyfriend gave me this Yadu sling bag made of soft, corduroy fabric as one of his Christmas gifts to me. I love it! It's brown and has lots of compartments inside and out. It's definitely my favorite bag forever :)

The Green Monster

I love everything GREEN! It's like a magnet. I get pulled by anything green whenever I shop in the mall.

All I see is green. A sea of green. 

If only I wouldn't look like a weirdo, I'll have everything in green, that's for sure.

*Most of the photos are from Google    

Lunes, Enero 23, 2012

The One Who Made Me Believe

     Not so long ago, in the four corners of our office, I saw this guy with long curly hair and sleepy eyes -- and a goatee. He smiles all the time and so I thought to myself, "Is he nuts? No. He's probably just a really nice guy." Well, I thought he's cute. And really, really nice... hhmm...

     Then, a few months later, we became friends. Our friendship started over a few bottles of beer with his college friends at Mogwai, a historic place in Cubao Expo where you get to see all the cool people: artists, musicians, poets, mountaineers, activists, and the wannabes. We're one of the lucky ones who have spent some crazy and loud nights in that place before it was forced to shut down. Sadly.
     Our friendship blossomed into something else that we didn't know what to call at first. We weren't sure what we were doing. All we knew was that we want to be with each other every day. We're happy together.
     Until that time came, when we realized that we're inlove. Everything started to change. We loved and argued. We laughed and cried. We broke up and reconciled many times. But in the end, we promised to never be apart.
     That promise to keep our love strong and positive is the inspiration for this new blog.

                     New year.
                     New perspective.
                     New blog. 

     This nice guy, who looks like a surfer dude by the way,  knew what I needed when he designed my blog. He showed me the things that make my life meaningful --- my daughter, our love and friendship, even my favorite accessories. Unlike my first blog, this one has colors in it, telling me that my life is not dull and there is hope for a brighter, colorful future.

     I'm so lucky to have met this guy and to have him in my life until now.

                       He made me believe. 

                      He made me choose to love.    

Kathy, this is not a blog about my love life, solely. Don't worry. I have other things going on in my life right now. I'm a busy bee :) Carlo helped me understand that it's about time to look at things in a positive light. And this blog is his gift to me. And this is now my instrument and my medium to show the others that It Is Possible If We Believe It.