Lunes, Enero 23, 2012

The One Who Made Me Believe

     Not so long ago, in the four corners of our office, I saw this guy with long curly hair and sleepy eyes -- and a goatee. He smiles all the time and so I thought to myself, "Is he nuts? No. He's probably just a really nice guy." Well, I thought he's cute. And really, really nice... hhmm...

     Then, a few months later, we became friends. Our friendship started over a few bottles of beer with his college friends at Mogwai, a historic place in Cubao Expo where you get to see all the cool people: artists, musicians, poets, mountaineers, activists, and the wannabes. We're one of the lucky ones who have spent some crazy and loud nights in that place before it was forced to shut down. Sadly.
     Our friendship blossomed into something else that we didn't know what to call at first. We weren't sure what we were doing. All we knew was that we want to be with each other every day. We're happy together.
     Until that time came, when we realized that we're inlove. Everything started to change. We loved and argued. We laughed and cried. We broke up and reconciled many times. But in the end, we promised to never be apart.
     That promise to keep our love strong and positive is the inspiration for this new blog.

                     New year.
                     New perspective.
                     New blog. 

     This nice guy, who looks like a surfer dude by the way,  knew what I needed when he designed my blog. He showed me the things that make my life meaningful --- my daughter, our love and friendship, even my favorite accessories. Unlike my first blog, this one has colors in it, telling me that my life is not dull and there is hope for a brighter, colorful future.

     I'm so lucky to have met this guy and to have him in my life until now.

                       He made me believe. 

                      He made me choose to love.    

Kathy, this is not a blog about my love life, solely. Don't worry. I have other things going on in my life right now. I'm a busy bee :) Carlo helped me understand that it's about time to look at things in a positive light. And this blog is his gift to me. And this is now my instrument and my medium to show the others that It Is Possible If We Believe It. 

3 komento:

  1. i know right! :D

    mommy I and daddy G used to fight, break up, and reconcile..

    both have different personalities that most of the time, the relationship becomes so confusing.
    one always tried to runaway,
    while the other always tried to figure things out cluelessly.

    funniest thing,
    they'd still end up together after all those long, long, long dramas. :P

    no one seems to make them get separate,
    coz their love is sincere and surely true.

    Go go go! :D
    iwas lang to topak mode and everyday's happy.
    hahah! love you both!


  2. Bebe, you know us very well. Nagpapasalamat kami coz you always try to keep us together. Wag gumaya kay mommy hahaha! Be a good girl always :)