Biyernes, Enero 27, 2012

Save the Little Girl

i wish i could...

play the guitar 
write poems
bake cookies
make my own dress
write a novel
take great pictures
travel the world

and the list goes on and on...

then i stop and think.

too much wishing makes my heart grow weary....

if i could do all those things...

i'd lose that little girl in me who wishes upon the night sky 
with that hopeful smile on her face.

i miss that little girl who only sees the good in people,

who believes in fairies and Santa Claus,

who writes love letters to her mother 
and gives her sweet, butterfly kisses each morning 
and before going to bed each night.

it became clear to me...

i need to look for that little girl whose heart is pure,

who loves unconditionally,

who finds happiness in her mother's hugs 
and her Barbie dolls.

i wish to find that girl still alive and smiling

 i vow to never let her go again

to keep her in my heart as long as i live...

when that time comes, then i'd stop wishing
and start accepting the things i cannot change,
begin appreciating the joy of living
even in the simplest ways

life is the most precious gift

like that little girl,
i just wanna be happy eating my ice cream.

My baby Samantha at 1 yr - soooo cute

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