Miyerkules, Enero 25, 2012

I Keep on Dreaming....

Boho Love

I love everything Boho. If I could afford it, I'll buy all things Boho:  clothes, shoes, bags, accessories...the works! My heart aches each time I'm in a boutique full of lovely boho dresses and shoes... if only I could have them all :(

I love my hair. It's long and brown and wavy and messy - definitely fit for a Boho chic (hmmm... not so convincing...).

If I'm ever gonna be up for it, I'll definitely have a Boho wedding... and he knows it.  I'll wear that flowing white dress and have little white flowers in my hair... like a white fairy princess walking barefoot in a mystical garden on her wedding day....

Eco Love

I love eco-friendly stuff. My pens are cheap but with every purchase, I get to help a bit in saving our environment.

The cover of my first ever scrapbook is made from banana fiber. I just hope it won't get eaten by ants or cockroaches. That would just be traumatic, like insects eating away your happy memories. Definitely a no-no.

I don't believe in buying recycled stuff that are expensive. It just doesn't make sense. But if they were painstakingly made by inmates or women from impoverished communities, then I'll buy some for my friends.

One day, I'll find the time and the means to contribute more towards this advocacy. There's a lot of work to do.

Papemelroti is love

I love Papemelroti! If I have the money, I'll buy at least one of all the items they're selling.

Maybe I'll put up a Papemelroti store someday (!!!)

For four years now, I've been carrying my Papemelroti datebook in my bag. For me, it's the best "planner" in the whole wide world because it fits inside my small bag. It's fine with me because I'm the type of person who finds it hard to stick to my plans (definitely not proud of this). That is why I bought my first real planner this year. To be honest, I also love my Slate 2012 Planner :)

My dream house would have that Papemelroti-feel to it. It would be made of wood with white, wooden fence around it. There would be wicker and swing chairs in the front porch and hardwood flooring and all sorts of wooden furniture inside and out. Colorful paintings will line its walls. My house would even smell like wood and paper, in a good way. Of course, you'll find hanging plants and flowers everywhere. I strongly believe I'd finally have that inner peace and contentment on the day I stand in my front yard looking admiringly at my small cottage house. How I long for that day to finally arrive....

Love to accessorize

I love dangling earrings and bracelets. I love accessories made of beads and wood.

I never take off this string of tiny, black beads wrapped around my right wrist even if I'm in the shower or submerged in seawater. I just feel incomplete without it.

It's a sin to lose what we call our "engagement bracelet". It's that Rasta bracelet you see me wearing everyday.

I'm known for my black, wooden, peace-sign earrings. I'm proud of this one which I  bought from the Reading Room in Cubao Expo. There's something about that place that makes me feel like I'm in a different dimension or timezone... strange and fascinating at the same time.

Bag Me

I love sling bags! I hate to bring a lot of things that can't fit inside my bag.

Even if I have my backpack with me, I still can't leave the house without my little bag where I keep all the little things that I need: money, cellphone, pens, kikay kit, my little notebook, my Papemelroti datebook, facial tissue, keys, and whatever else I can cram inside.

My boyfriend gave me this Yadu sling bag made of soft, corduroy fabric as one of his Christmas gifts to me. I love it! It's brown and has lots of compartments inside and out. It's definitely my favorite bag forever :)

The Green Monster

I love everything GREEN! It's like a magnet. I get pulled by anything green whenever I shop in the mall.

All I see is green. A sea of green. 

If only I wouldn't look like a weirdo, I'll have everything in green, that's for sure.

*Most of the photos are from Google    

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