Miyerkules, Marso 14, 2012

Under My Umbrella

          As I write this post, my head is hurting in a bad way. Probably because it was drizzling on my way to work this morning, and I had nothing to cover my head. I didn't mind the tiny raindrops falling on my shower-fresh hair. As usual, I didn't bother to bring an umbrella even if it's been a 'wet morning' since Monday. Not that I'm complaining. Who doesn't love cool mornings? It's supposed to be summertime now in Manila. The summer heat is felt everywhere, making it hard for those working in the night shift to sleep during daytime. For most people without airconditioning in their room, summer is a curse when all you long for is a restful sleep after working long hours in the office.

          This big headache could have been prevented if I just brought an umbrella. I could just hear my mom telling me in a scolding voice to "always bring an umbrella, rain or shine!" Mother knows best. Ouch! I'm a mom, too. FYI, I'm not a bad parent. I always bring an umbrella, a hat, and a jacket for my daughter when we go out. It's only when I travel alone or with another adult do I allow myself, sometimes, to be without an umbrella. Most of the time, the reason I don't bring my umbrella is --- it can't fit inside my small sling bag. For today, my alibi is ---  I just threw away my broken, cheap umbrella and I still have to buy a new, more reliable replacement. There! I just added it to my to-do-list this weekend. 

          Words of wisdom borrowed from my mom ---  

Always bring an umbrella with you, rain or shine

          For people who are always on the go, buy a folding umbrella that can fit inside your favorite bag. Never leave home without it. Stylish 3-fold umbrellas are available anywhere, even in bookstores. You never know when an umbrella can come in handy against the searing sun or sudden rainshowers.  If you think you're too cool to bring one, would you still feel that way when you're soaking wet in the rain, or sweating and smelling sour all over?

Who says you can't look sexy under an umbrella?

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  1. I didn't bother to bring an umbrella even if it's been a 'wet morning' since Monday. Not that I'm complaining.

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