Sabado, Hunyo 23, 2012

Wanna Be Like Julie

As I write this post, I'm seated at the dining table in front of the tv, watching Julie & Julia. Just halfway through the movie, I had the urge to check out my blog again, which I have abandoned for over 2 months. Instantly, I felt bad.

 I was inspired by the story of Julie Powell (Amy Adams), who started out a blog to challenge herself to cook every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook and write about it every day for 365 days. That's 524 sumptuous French recipes in a year!

Oh yes, I wish I could cook like that, though I admit I have no passion for it. A sad thing, really, since I should've been learning how to cook for my daughter's birthday parties. Don't be too judgmental. Of course I know how to cook basic Filipino dishes like sinigang, nilaga, vegetables and fried whatever. But I still have to experience planning a party myself and be the cook. Oh well, that's another story.

What really inspired me was Julie's strong determination to overcome the challenges, failures and heartaches to finish what she started. After failing to find a publisher, she gave up her dream of becoming a writer and didn't even finish her novel. Then she realized that she never really pushed herself hard to accomplish anything that's important to her. She wanted to stop being a quitter.

In many ways, I believe I'm a quitter. That's probably why my previous relationships didn't last. Though I'd like to think that everything happens for a reason... that maybe it wasn't meant to be... that maybe it simply didn't make me happy. You see, both Julie and Julia felt there was something lacking in them. But when they finally found their passion, they stuck to it no matter what.

Right now, I trust and believe that everything is finally falling into its right place in terms of my career, my plans for my family, and my lovelife. Well, it's about time as I'm not getting any younger. It struck me that the first and most important thing that I have to do to make things work is to trust that everything will be okay at the end of the day. I just have to carry out my plans one day at a time and trust that my dreams will come true someday soon.

Be inspired! :) 

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